If your name is not showing on print jobs on the RICOH printers, it may have to be reset. Here’s how to do that. There is an update coming in the near future where I can set the windows user name as default and we won’t have to go through this anymore. 

That should be in place later this fall. To adjust the name for the printer, open the start menu and open windows system and click on control panel. 

From there, click on devices and printers 

On the window that opens up, right click on the printer(s) you use (this will have to be done for each printer you use). On the menu that opens select printer properties in the middle of the list, not properties at the bottom of the list. 

The printer properties screen should look as below. 

Click on preferences, and you should see this: 

In the upper right, click on Job type drop down and select Hold Print. 

Now, click on details next to job type. And click on the User ID drop down and select Windows Login Name and click OK, then OK out of all screens. 

This will display your name on the printer. If you wish to lock your print jobs with a password, select Locked Print from the Job Type. 

Now go into the details and set a password. 

You will now have to enter your password to access your print jobs.

If you do not want to Lock or Hold your Print Jobs. Set the job type to Normal Print. 

Once again, only on the RICOH’s and must be done for each printer you use.